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For over 50 years, Ferrari Ottoboni Caputo & Wunderling LLP has protected the rights of businesses in intellectual property and transactional matters. We have promoted the futures of public and private companies in the United States through early-stage financings and asset management.

We consistently deliver personal guidance for:

  • Liquidity events
  • Acquisitions
  • Other business succession planning techniques

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We offer proven legal guidance for:

  • Start-ups
  • Early-stage companies
  • Emerging growth companies
  • Angel and venture investors
  • Commercial clients
  • Private equity firms
  • Nonprofits

Corporate and Securities Law

While corporate and securities law are highly related, there are important differences between these branches of law. These differences mainly arise from the legal definition of securities and corporations.

What Is Securities Law?

Securities are defined as financial tools, such as stocks and bonds. There are generally regulated by the government. Therefore, securities law is mostly based in federal law, though sometimes state law can apply to these elements. Securities lawyers must therefor be familiar with complex and constantly changing federal business laws.

What Is Corporate Law?

Corporate law, as named, covers corporations as legal entities. Corporations are created under state law, meaning corporate law is based in state law. These laws cover the internal affairs of the company and the requirements it must follow as laid out by the state. Corporate lawyers need extensive knowledge of different state laws as they apply to companies.

Our Corporate & Securities Legal Services

Our enterprise lawyers have extensive experience in matters of corporate, tax and real estate. With our proven financial and legal insights, we can that your rights and interests are fully protected.

Our corporate & securities lawyers advise clients in matters such as:

  • Entity formation and corporate governance - We assist our clients with developing a beneficial business structure, as well as crafting formation documents and operating agreements
  • Mergers, acquisitions and business succession planning - We can help with documenting, negotiating, and closing a merger, as well as legally passing on a business
  • Intellectual property and technology transactions - We work to defend the intellectual property rights of our clients
  • Angel investing, venture capital financing and securities law compliance - We represent companies receiving funding from angel investors or venture capital firms
  • Employment matters and equity incentive plans - We help start ups create stock option plans and handle related employment issues
  • Nonprofit corporations - Our attorneys are well-versed in the specific corporate and securities issues of nonprofits

We provide practical and comprehensive solutions. From early-stage companies to corporate governance, management advice to acquisitions, we are prepared for whatever turn your business may take.

Our extensive experience will help your company's rights and interests! Contact our law firm online or call (800) 761-0432 for assistance today.

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  • Experience

    Our firm has over 50 years of legal experience.

  • Excellence

    We pride ourselves on providing a breadth and depth of legal insight for high net worth individuals and closely held companies.

  • Trusted Counsel

    Clients are able to utilize our knowledge and advice across multiple disciplines.

  • Strong Reputation

    Members of our firm have been included in the list of California Super Lawyers®, a prestigious distinction given to only elite lawyers in their respective fields.

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    We provide exceptional, responsive counsel that has been trusted by our clientele for decades.

  • Multi-Service Practice

    We are a multi-discipline firm that is able to serve a wide range of legal matters.